About Us

Intelligent Navigation for Efficient Sustainable Structures. We are becoming more agile, more flexible. We are working toward that pace layers goal where systems of innovation are naturally in the lead.

Our former company was born out of the necessity to solve a problem that was affecting our everyday life; we wanted to improve the experience of communicating with the buildings, creating an intelligent operated building that can reduce the energy waste and controlling the BMS and HVAC systems autonomously. We have succeeded to implement over 3000 data points and Systems and achieving over 30% savings for our customers we saw another important issue that we can solve with the data that we are creating from the Commercial Real Estates.

After analyzing over 3000 data points we have found out that our target group was not the real problem. We were targeting large, BMS integrated commercial buildings. But there was a bigger and more straight forward problem that has been missing. 90% of small and medium-sized commercial buildings do not have any kind of BMS, EMS, or BAS systems that they can afford or use, but those buildings are responsible for 60% of the total energy consumption and even more carbon emissions.