BDex™ Vision


We are living in the second machine age, the effects of climate change are growing and we are in the era of the need for real-time actionable, continuously created meaningful data that can be implemented in various applications from smart city technologies into the claims process, from operational management into space optimization.

Environmental responsibility is the new norm that will increase the value of the real-estates that we own and invest in, a social, and cultural commitment of responsible investment, focused on a common goal: to improve efficiency and enhance the quality of life in our World.

data exchange platform

This includes all companies that are working and developing new technologies for the cities and buildings for which we spend 90% of our lives, from urban transportation into smart city applications. Therefore, we believe it’s time to evolve from a disconnected and assumption-based platform into data-driven and autonomous systems that reduce the dependency of human input.

Understanding human behavior and the effects of different circumstances from indoor/outdoor climate levels to architectural design on human behavior is the key element to give the crucial input to optimize the life and work of citizens.

As our product has evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers, our brand has also grown. 

BDex™ now has a new brand identity, visual universe, and data system. Through our attributes:

  1. Proactive/Dynamic
  2. Simple/Affordable
  3. Innovative
  4. Tangible
  5. Agile
  6. Human-Centered Analysis

​With the vision, attributes, experience, and passions that already existed from the previous brand, we needed to create the new as;

  1. Building intelligent and actionable data
  2. Efficient communication
  3. Fixing real and critical issues
  4. Substantial impact in Real-Estate Industry
  5. Making cities more responsive and linked
  6. Informative data from every part of the building